First thoughts & ideas

On the day we was given this project and after giving the brief a thorough read through, I became to understand the goals and I realise that this project will give me a great opportunity to create a professional portfolio, that will show my investigation into and a more clear understanding of the photographic direction I choose to take. I’m very excited for this project as it will push me to where I want to be and I will have a professional portfolio that shows my best work that I can add to in the future.

I know that I want to head into the commercial side of photography and head into the direction of portraiture. I have really started to focus on myself and where I would like to had in the photographic industry after being given this brief, and I have made
the decision to move away from fashion and focus more on portraiture and still life and advertising. This is purely because this is where I see myself heading in the future. My portfolio at the moment if very varied from fashion to landscape as I love all aspects of photography and experimenting. But I realise and hope that this brief will help me to organise all these areas and I am able to expand on a more specific are.


I decided that my first step would be to look into ‘what makes a professional photography portfolio’ and the style and look of portfolio that I wish to create. I feel like this will help me get a start on my main goal for the brief and help to get my head straight on my final portfolio outcome. I will also take a look at many different photographers websites to give me inspiration and take note to styles ready for when I come to build up my own website that is also an outcome asked for in the brief. I have not yet decided to create my own website to display my work, mainly due to the fact I feel like my work is not up to the standard I wish it to be yet. But I understand that this is something that will advertise me as a photographer, so I aim to work on creating the perfect website to display my work through out this project.–photo-3991

Above are 2 main websites that I came across as well as a few others that I found very helpful on creating a unique printed portfolio. Here are some main points that I took note of:

  • Don’t have images that are too similar to each other (in style)
  • Don’t put all good images at the front and the worse ones at the back
  • Think about format changes on each page (landscape and portrait)
  • First image must be a killer, it must promise that more images like this will follow
  • Complimentary colours, tones and shot sizes
  • Not too huge in size that its difficult to handle, but a large images size is better to view all details.



Here is an example of a portfolio design that I really liked the way it is binded, and I also liked the idea of the way the images fill the images completely with no borders, these are some things that I will look into for creating my own. But I do not like the white cover colour I personally prefer black, and also I’m not sure about a landscape format. I’m focusing on portraiture for this project so having a landscape format would not make sense.



Font | layout | Current work on homepage | Image sizes


No text on homepage? | Slideshow images on homepage | Drop down title pages | Font

Above are some of the websites of famous photographers websites that are a favourite of mine for the reasons I have stated below them. These will be very helpful to look at when it comes to me creating my own photography website. I think it is extremely important to have the correct website layout that shows and brings out your style of work to its best.          Their are many sites that I took an interest to for the layouts on this link below. I now plan to narrow down some ideas of my favourite layouts, I will then be ready to create my website.


What I will do now is begin to look images I have already from previous shoots and begin to look into them and decide which images are my strongest and start to think of the order of my portfolio and how they look together. I know that when it comes to choosing which are my strongest images to print that I do not have a huge selection of portraiture images as this is something that I’m just starting to expand. I have a lot of different styles, like fashion, studio shoots, still life, landscape and on location fashion. So I now realise it is going to be difficult to get a portfolio that has a strong coherent direction at the moment. So I plan to shoot more during this project and expand my photographic connection to achieve this. I will look into modern day portraiture and buy many fashion magazines and keep myself up to date with fashion advertising in order for my images and ideas to show modern day photography in my own creative way, so that viewers will be interested.




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